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Global Legal Hackathon 2020

The Polish edition of the Global Legal Hackathon will be held this year on 6–8 March in Warsaw. Once again our blog will serve as a media patron for the global efforts of legal tech aficionados. Wardyński & Partners is also a patron of the event.

For the third time it will be our honour to serve on the jury for the Polish GLH. Together with Jarosław Karlikowski and Piotr Rutkowski, we will also support participants as mentors.

The guest of honour at the Global Legal Hackathon will be Prof. Richard Susskind, futurologist, guru of the legal profession, and world-famous expert on LegalTech. He will officially open this year’s edition on 6 March at 7 pm.

The Global Legal Hackathon is an exceptional event, an encounter between law and programming aimed at developing innovative technological and business solutions useful to lawyers and persons seeking legal assistance. The legal profession has yet to completely undergo technological transformation, and many ideas have a chance for implementation. GLH is held simultaneously in over 40 countries around the world. The best teams from all countries have an opportunity to present their concept before the global jury. Last year the team from Poland, inteliLex, placed among the top three in the world, and their application is now available at the Microsoft Store. DoxyChain, which finished second in the Polish GLH 2019, has also commercialised its concept, which records powers of attorney on secure blockchain technology.