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How to recognise expenditures on production of a computer game in income taxes?

For the costs of developing a computer game to be tax-deductible, they must meet certain criteria. Tax-deductible costs are costs incurred for the purpose of earning revenue from a source of revenue or retaining or securing a source of revenue, except for costs expressly excluded from tax-deductible costs. The method of accounting for these costs depends on whether work on the creation of a new game can be regarded as development work.

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Claiming the IP Box in the video game industry

The instrument popularly known as the “IP Box,” introduced on 1 January 2019, allows taxpayers to claim a lower, 5% rate of corporate income tax or personal income tax in their annual tax settlements for income generated from commercialisation of qualified intellectual property rights they have created or developed through R&D activity. In this article we discuss how to benefit from the IP Box in the game development industry, who is eligible for the IP Box, and the conditions that must be met.

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Algorithms in the service of the tax office

At the end of 2017, we wrote about the possibility of using artificial intelligence in the financial services sector. We pointed out that AI algorithms can be used by the financial industry to automate customer contacts and issue initial credit decisions. The use of algorithms by government bodies seemed to be less important at the time. However, this issue ignited much controversy at the end of 2018 due to a ruling by the Province Administrative Court in Warsaw on the freezing of a bank account under a recently introduced section of the Tax Ordinance, which also introduced the digital clearinghouse STIR into the Polish legal system.

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Virtual currencies— how to tax profits?

During the past year Bitcoin doubled its value. Those who acquired this currency at a lower rate can now reap great profits. The ability to tax income on this basis has long been subject to doubt. Recently, a change of statistical classification of trade in Bitcoin augmented uncertainty in this regard.

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