Author: Maciej A. Szewczyk

Websites of private joint-stock company or joint-stock limited partnership

Does a company or limited partnership have to
have its own website? Does it have to operate the site itself? What information
must be posted there? Practical pointers under the amended Commercial Companies

An amendment to the Commercial Companies Code entered into force at the start of 2020, imposing on joint-stock companies and joint-stock limited partnerships an obligation to operate a website and to post certain information there for stockholders (as we previously reported here).

the new regulation applies to all joint-stock companies, in practice it changes
little for public companies, which were already subject to much more extensive
requirements, and thus we do not discuss public companies further in this

The new regulation should be examined more closely, as it has generated (probably unintentionally) certain doubts as to what the new obligation entails.

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