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New and planned regulation of investment crowdfunding

New regulations and interpretations will soon have an impact on equity- and debt-based crowdfunding business models.

Investment crowdfunding (understood to mean equity-based and debt-based crowdfunding) currently enjoys great regulatory leeway due to the lack of regulations specifically addressed to the crowdfunding market. But some current and planned regulations may impede its growth. Recent regulatory proposals as well as inter­pretations could significantly change the current shape of the market, creating both incentives and barriers for participants.

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New Council of Europe recommendation on processing of employee’s personal data in light of new technologies

The new recommendation on processing of da­ta for purposes of employment is designed to meet challenges posed by greater digitisation.

On 1 April 2015 the Council of Europe adopted Rec­ommendation CM/Rec(20l5)5 of the Committee of Ministers to member States on the processing of personal data in the context of employment. The previous recommendation was issued before the growth of the internet and new technologies, and did not reflect contemporary realities. Aware of the increased use of new technologies and electronic communications in dealings between employers and employees, the Council of Europe decided to modify the recom­mendation to ensure adequate protection of personal data in employment.

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New road tolls

Intensive work is currently underway in Poland on setting up a new general toll collection system. Poland is also preparing to introduce legislation that will allow the setting up of a European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) for road use. Over the next few months, a legal regime may come into existence in Poland for providing new types of toll collection and settlement services. This is good news for every driver – navigating through toll road sections may become much simpler. Also, businesses should take a close look at the new regulations, because the implementation of EETS will create public procurement opportunities associated with this infrastructure project.

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